A 100-page, hardcover book containing a collection of drawings and paintings gathered from the volumes of my sketchbooks.

From graphite renderings to scribbled notes & poems, to paintings in watercolor & gouache, each page is a chance to peak inside my creative process and my love of nature.

My love for all things nature began in the woods of Massachusetts where I grew up on a small farm, surrounded by 60 acres of forests and fields. Art was a constant in my rural world – I don't remember NOT maing art.

My passion for creating followed me throughout my childhood and continues to this day. Most artists keep sketchbooks – places for ideas to bloom, records of moments and glimpses of creative practices. Sketchbooks can be safe havens for thoughts, musings and personal artistsic developement. The result is an intimate looks into the art and life of an artist.

After years of art journaling and filling sketchbooks, I was inspired to pause and look at the accumulation of my work. The sketchbooks really are Art Books – full on explorations and complete bodies of work. Over the years, these journals and sketcbooks have become a form of fine art in and of themselves. I'm pleased to present to you this published collection of pages from my books. I love escaping into my journals – drawing, painting, sketching, exploring – and I hope you enjoy a bit of my journey, too.

I want one!